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Amplified electrochemical aptasensor for thrombin based on bio-barcode method

X Zhang, B Qi, Y Li, S Zhang - Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2009 - Elsevier
... and perturb the interfacial electron transfer between the electrode and the electroactive species
in solution ... 2. Specificity of the aptasensor (a) without thrombin; (b) with 1 μM of BSA; (c ... Due to
the amplification effect of bio-barcode and the sensitivity of DPASV for the detection of ... 
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Fluorescent bio-barcode DNA assay for the detection of Salmonella enterica …

D Zhang, DJ Carr, EC Alocilja - Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2009 - Elsevier
... Salmonella species are the most frequently reported causes of foodborne illness. ... 4 is a schematic
showing the bio-barcode assay. ... on the surface of nanoparticles, both nanoparticles can bind
with the target DNA to form a sandwich structure, due to the specificity of DNA probes. ... 
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Bio-barcode based detection of target analytes

CA Mirkin, J Nam, BK Oh, CS Thaxton, D … - US Patent App. 11/ …, 2005 - Google Patents
... 23,2006 (54) BIO-BARCODE BASED DETECTION OF TARGET ANALYTES (75) Inventors: Chad
A. Mirkin, Wilmette, IL (US); Jwa-Min Nam, Berkeley, CA (US); Byung-Keun Oh, Evanston, IL
(US); C. Shad Thaxton, Chicago, IL (US); Dimitra Georganopoulou, Chicago, IL (US ... 
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[PDF] DNA barcoding Korean birds

inforang.com [PDF]
HS Yoo, J Eah, JS Kim, Y Kim, M Min, WK … - Molecules and …, 2006 - molcells.inforang.com
... inventory of DNA sequences from a standardized genomic region, provides a bio-barcode for
identifying ... W., and Hebert, PDN (2006) DNA barcodes reveal cryptic host-specificity within the ...
Zemlak, TS, Innes, BH, Last, PR, Hebert, P. DN (2005) Barcoding Australia's fish species... 
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[PDF] Characterization of Anti-ADDL Antibodies for Use in Tandem LSPR-MALDI …

northwestern.edu [PDF]
U Researcher, P Mentor - nanoscape.northwestern.edu
... Future development of the bio-barcode and LSPR diagnostic assays will allow physicians to
retrieve CSF from ... This result suggests that NU1 has greater specificity for the ADDL tetramer. ... This
result shows that filtrate species greater than the monomer have no affinity for either ... 
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En route to early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease–are we there yet?

pasteur.ac.ir [PDF]
EA Fradinger, G Bitan - Trends in Biotechnology, 2005 - Elsevier
... A nanoparticle oligonucleotide bio-barcode assay developed by Nam et al ... raises concerns
regarding the assembly state of the Aβ species detected in their assay, which will need ... data
demonstrating the actual assembly state of Aβ are necessary to establish the specificity of the ... 
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Aptasensors for detection of microbial and viral pathogens

E Torres-Chavolla, EC Alocilja - Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2009 - Elsevier
... proteins. Besides, there are multiple potential target molecules in cell walls which
can be present among species. In order to improve specificity, an additional
counter-selection step can be used in the aptamer selection process. ... 
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[PDF] Cancer nanotechnology: opportunities and challenges

mit.edu [PDF]
M Ferrari - Nature Reviews Cancer, 2005 - mit.edu
... For instance, NANOTUBES have been reported as high-specificity sen- sors of antibody signatures ...
CELL XENOGRAFTS Cross-species, therapeutic cell transplants. ... Dubbed 'bio-barcode', it involves
oligonucleotide-modified gold nanoparti- cles and magnetic particles that carry ... 
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Simultaneous Determination of {alpha}-Fetoprotein and Free {beta}-Human …

clinchem.org [HTML]
S Zhang, C Zhang, Z Xing, X Zhang - Clinical Chemistry, 2004 - Am Assoc Clin Chem
... However, the preparation of barcode or bio-barcode labels is cumbersome, and the automated
quantitative ... to improve the detection limit without the problems of diminished activity and specificity...
MS to remain free from interference by organic or inorganic species makes the ... 
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New technologies in affinity assays to explore biological communication

MG Roper, C Guillo - Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2009 - Springer
... Regardless of the binding molecule, the specificity of the binding interaction allows the quantitation ...
This type of biobarcode assay allowed for detection of 300 copies of prostate- specific ... by reacting
immunoglobulins G (IgGs) with anti-IgGs from multiple animal species in small ... 
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Chemical and Biological Sensing Using Gold Nanoparticles

CC YOU, SS AGASTI, VM … - Nano and Microsensors for …, 2008 - books.google.com
... are single-stranded oligonucleic acids that can bind targets with high affinity and specificity... on
anionic 7i-donor analytes confirm that the preconcentration of electroactive species at the ... a
dynamic range of 1 ngmL~ 1 to 2.10 Gold Nanoparticle-based Bio-barcode Assay Mirkin's ... 
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Detection of amyloid-β oligomers in human cerebrospinal fluid by flow cytometry …

gerald-boehm.de [PDF]
AN Santos, S Torkler, D Nowak, C Schlittig, M … - Journal of Alzheimer's …, 2007 - IOS Press
... Further evidence point- ing to Aβ oligomers as the neurotoxic species in AD is that ... One such
method is the recently described ultra-sensitive bio-barcode assay for the measurement ... Although
the specificity for the detected signal increases upon addition of the acceptor antibody ... 
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[HTML] Ultrasensitive assays for proteins

rsc.org [HTML]
H Zhang, Q Zhao, XF Li, XC Le - The Analyst, 2007 - rsc.org
... Following washing to remove unbound species, PCR amplification of the DNA led to indirect
detection of the analyte of interest. ... used to bind with the captured analyte.23–25 Thus, the analyte
was sandwiched between the two antibody molecules, enhancing the specificity of the ... 
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Nanotechnology diagnostics for infectious diseases prevalent in developing …

TS Hauck, S Giri, Y Gao, WCW Chan - Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 2009 - Elsevier
... Abbreviations: AIDS, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome; BCA, bio-barcode based amplification;
BCG, Bacillus ... and have comparable sensitivity (98%–100%) and specificity (86%–100 ...
Morphological differentiation of the four relevant Plasmodium species with microscopy is ... 
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Biosensor developments: application to prostate-specific antigen detection

cell.com [HTML]
DA Healy, CJ Hayes, P Leonard, L McKenna, … - TRENDS in …, 2007 - Elsevier
... Although more suited for use with forensic samples than centralized immunoassay tests,
membrane tests still suffer from several problems related to specificity, false positives, interference
from matrix components and the instability of PSA 14, 15 and 16. Table 3. ... Specificity (%), ... 
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Gold nanoparticle-labeled detection antibodies for use in an enhanced …

S Wu, Z Zhong, D Wang, M Li, Y Qing, N Dai, Z Li - Microchimica Acta, 2009 - Springer
... as a model protein, by means of combination with the nanogold-based bio-barcode tech- nique. ...
2d), which mainly attributed to the non-electroactive species of the antibody molecules. ... To
investigate the specificity of the proposed immuno- sensor, α-1-fetoprotein (AFP), cancer ... 
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Attomolar protein detection in complex sample matrices with semi-homogeneous …

SP Mulvaney, KM Myers, PE Sheehan, LJ … - Biosensors and …, 2009 - Elsevier
... Currently, the most sensitive multiplexed detection technology capable of both protein and nucleic
acid detection is the bio-barcode assay ([Hill and Mirkin, 2006], [Jaffrezic-Renault et al., 2007],
[Nam et al., 2005] and [Tang et al., 2007]), with reported protein detection at ... 
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[PDF] Sensitivity by combination: immuno-PCR and related technologies [PDF]
M Adler, R Wacker, CM Niemeyer - The Analyst, 2008 -
... the synthesis as well as the availabil- ity of universal species-specific antibody– DNA conjugates,
which can be used similar to the common species-specific antibody ... (A) Bio-Barcode technology:
magnetic ... A) Intercalation fluorescence markers with increased specificity for double ... 
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[PDF] Biosensors and bio-bar code assays based on biofunctionalized magnetic …

archives-ouvertes.fr [PDF]
N Jaffrezic-Renault, C Martelet, Y Chevolot, JP … - Sensors, 2007 - hal.archives-ouvertes.fr
... Table 1 summarizes the main immobilization procedures of bioactive species, on magnetic
microbeads used in this chapter. ... target DNAs, difficulties connected with non-specific target DNA
adsorptions frequently arise, resulting in a loss of specificity and decreased sensitivity. ... 
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Magnetic separations: From steel plants to biotechnology

ucsb.edu [PDF]
CT Yavuz, A Prakash, JT Mayo, VL Colvin - Chemical Engineering …, 2009 - Elsevier
... In these cases, magnetic separations generally offer higher throughput with greater
specificity than equivalent centrifugation or filtration methods (Kolm et al., 1975;
Fletcher, 1991; Hubbuch et al., 2001; Moeser et al., 2004). ... 
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Nanotechnology solutions for Alzheimer's disease: advances in research tools, …

A Nazem, GA Mansoori - Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, 2008 - IOS Press
... proposed applications of nanotechnology for the early diagnosis of AD including bio-barcode
assay, localized ... applications of FRET include several diverse studies on abnormal protein species
of AD ... specificity for early diagnosis of AD and ruling out oth- er differential diagnosis ... 
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Direct detection of unamplified DNA from pathogenic mycobacteria using DNA- …

E Liandris, M Gazouli, M Andreadou, M Čomor, … - Journal of …, 2009 - Elsevier
... Table 1. Bacteria used for the evaluation of specificitySpecies, Number of isolates, Source,
AuNP-probe. M. tuberculosis, 9, AUA, US, Quattromed, +. M. bovis BCG, 1, AUA, +. M. bovis,
4, AUA, US, Quattromed, +. M. microti, 2, AUA, US, Quattromed, +. M. caprae, 1, AUA, +. ... 
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Electrochemical detection of proteins using nanoparticles: applications to …

A de la Escosura-Muñiz, A … - Expert Opinion on …, 2010 - informahealthcare.com
... ELISA's assays take advantage of the sandwich-type immunoassays that have high specificity
and sensitivity ... on metallic ion (ie, silver, copper) reduction as well as on other species are
discussed. ... for the PSA, which are comparable to those obtained with the bio-barcode assays ...

Immunomagnetic quantitative immuno-PCR for detection of less than one HIV-1 …

uniklinikum-jena.de [PDF]
J Barletta, A Bartolome, NT Constantine - Journal of Virological Methods, 2009 - Elsevier
... Additionally, conventional bio-barcode detection methods require expensive and sophisticated
instrumentation (eg, light-scattering measurement instruments, microarrays ... A well-known limitation
of protein detection methods is non-specificity which is readily apparent when ... 
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[PDF] Nanotechnology and its implications for the health of the EU citizen: …

nano.org.uk [PDF]
G Campbell - nano.org.uk
... This method can effectively separate thousands of different protein species on a single gel. Protein
“spots” on the ... from launching a product based on the bio-barcode method.(8) ... the above techniques
so that they have higher sensitivity and specificity at the molecular level. ... 
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Bio bar-code

JC Davis, MD Eggers, R Ibarra, J Sadler, D … - US Patent App. 10/ …, 2004 - Google Patents
Page 1. US 20050026181A1 (19) United States (12) Patent Application Publication
(io> Pub. NO.: US 2005/0026181 Al Davis et al. (43) Pub. Date: Feb. 3,2005 (54)
BIO BAR-CODE (75) Inventors: James C. Davis, Carlsbad, CA ... 
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CSF biomarkers for Alzheimers disease: use in early diagnosis and evaluation of …

K Blennow - Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics, 2005 - ingentaconnect.com
... determine the diagnostic potential of these C-terminally truncated A β species... an ultrasensitive,
nanoparticle-based, protein detection strategy known as bio-barcode amplification, ADDLs ... on
larger patient materials addressing the diagnostic sensitivity and specificity of ADDLs ... 
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Aptamer amplification: divide and signal

S Pai, A Roberts, AD Ellington - Expert Opin. Med. Diagn., 2008 - informahealthcare.com
... Nucleic acid-binding species (aptamers) are typically generated by iterative selection for binding,
starting with a highly complex nucleic acid library ... thrombin mixed in with cell lysate prepared
from human 293T fibroblast cells was detected not only with high specificity, but also ... 
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[PDF] MURI: Surface-Templated Bio-Inspired Synthesis and Fabrication of …

dtic.mil [PDF]
CA Mirkin, M Ratner, V Dravid, G Schatz, S Stupp, D … - 2006 - dtic.mil
Page 1. 1 MURI: Surface-Templated Bio-Inspired Synthesis and Fabrication of Functional
Materials Grant Number: F49620-00-1-0283 Principal Investigator: Chad A. Mirkin
chadnano@northwestern.edu Phone: 847-491-2907 Fax: 847-467-5123 ... 
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Nanotechnologies for Diagnosis-Present and Future

CA Hughes - Nanomaterials for medical diagnosis and therapy, 2007 - books.google.com
... Sub- sequent modification defines the biological specificity of the SPR sensor and can consist
of ... The Bio-Barcode Assay enables detection of molecules down to attomolar sensitivity. ... Due to
contain- ment of the reactive species to the fiber tip surface, localized detection of the ... 
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NanoART, NeuroAIDS and CNS drug delivery

A Nowacek, HE Gendelman - Nanomedicine, 2009 - Future Medicine
... microglia can induce neuronal injury via secretion of glutamate, proinflammatory factors, reactive
oxygen species and quinolinic acid. ... By using a bio-barcode assay modified ... is increased to
150-times that of traditional ELISA assays, with nearly 100% sensitivity and specificity... 
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Electrophilic affibodies forming covalent bonds to protein targets

L Holm, P Moody, M Howarth - Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2009 - ASBMB
... Thus electrophilic affibodies combined good specificity with improved detection of protein targets. ...
new fields of research from the ability to detect lower and lower abundance species (3). Nearly ...
of target (4), but recently methods such as nanowires (5) or the bio-Barcode assay (6 ... 
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Biomedical nanotechnology for cancer

A Pope-Harman, MMC Cheng, F Robertson, J … - Medical Clinics of North …, 2007 - Elsevier
... This task is complicated by the number of different biomolecular species in the ... Fig. 1. Bio-barcode
assay: a magnetic probe captures a target molecule using either monoclonal ... amplification of these
detected chemical changes or by increasing their specificity, allowing improved ... 
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Amyloid-Related Biomarkers for Alzheimers Disease

N Andreasen, H Zetterberg - Current medicinal chemistry, 2008 - ingentaconnect.com
... ity and specificity of discrimination between AD and normal ageing are both >85% [6]. CSF A ...
Other promising findings include those of different N- terminally truncated A species present in
protein ... One study showed that ADDLs can be quantified by a bio-barcode assay that em ... 
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[HTML] DNA functionalized gold nanoparticles for bioanalysis

rsc.org [HTML]
YW Lin, CW Liu, HT Chang - Analytical Methods, 2009 - rsc.org
... pH of solution that play important roles in determining the specificity and sensitivity ... important in
determining aggregation of Au NPs, including nanoparticle size, species and concentration ... In
order to further improve the sensitivity, bio-barcode amplification approaches using two ... 

Nanotechnology: Diagnostics, Therapeutics, and Clinical Applications

KJ Aziz - Journal of Clinical Ligand Assay, 2006 - ingentaconnect.com
... Upon excitation, QDs will show different wavelengths for emission maxima based on their sizes
(1,2). The bio-barcode (BCA) test system is ... detection of PSA (1,2). Nano-molecular diagnostic
products are capable of providing probes of higher sensitivity and specificity and new ... 
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Biosensing with plasmonic nanoparticles

TA Klar - Nanophotonics with Surface Plasmons, 2007 - books.google.com
... gold nanoparticles accumulate on the substrate,(b) Sandwich DNA assay,(c) Readout of a
sandwich assay in form of a diffraction grating by the diffraction of a laser beam,(d) Bio barcode
assay. ... The driving force is to detect many different species in parallel on so- called biochips ... 
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Current state and future directions of neurochemical biomarkers for Alzheimer's …

D de Jong, BPH Kremer, MGM Olde … - Clinical Chemical …, 2007 - reference-global.com
... F2-isoprostanes are the most studied species, and their CSF concentrations can be measured
by gas chromatography/negative ion chemical ionization MS ... combined analysis of CSF F2-isopros-
tane levels, Ab42 and t-tau levels resulted in sensitivity of 84% and specificity of 89 ... 
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[HTML] Optimised padlock probe ligation and microarray detection of multiple(non- …

biomedcentral.com [HTML]
TW Prins, JP van Dijk, HG Beenen, AM Van … - BMC …, 2008 - biomedcentral.com
... An electrochemiluminescence-based simplex bio-barcode method [16] used gold nanoparticles,
barcoded DNA in combination with streptavidine-coated magnetic beads ... All plant species-specific
probes (except for the maize zein probe) showed high specificity in these ... 
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Nanobioimaging and sensing of infectious diseases

P Tallury, A Malhotra, LM Byrne, S Santra - Advanced Drug Delivery …, 2009 - Elsevier
... parasite. These diseases are also called communicable diseases due to their ability
to get transmitted from one person to another (malaria, tuberculosis) and also
sometimes from one species to another (flu, influenza). Infectious ...

Botulism diagnostics: from clinical symptoms to in vitro assays

S Cai, BR Singh, S Sharma - Critical Reviews in …, 2007 - informahealthcare.com
... the traditional microarray approach tends to be less cost effective for an assay system that involved
less than a few hundred species... on the surface of each microsphere: A red laser excites the
microsphere's internal fluorescent dyes, identifying the reaction specificity; while a ... 
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aquaargenta.com [PDF]
M SINGH, S SINGH, S PRASAD, IS GAMBHIR - aquaargenta.com
... An ideal diagnostic tool for Alzheimer's disease (AD) must have specificity & sensitivity more ... The
two detection approaches proposed in those papers were the Bio-barcode assay (BCA ... of
nanomaterials results in increased production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), including ... 
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[HTML] Early diagnostics and therapeutics for Alzheimer's disease–how early can …

nih.gov [HTML]
BH Monien, LG Apostolova, G … - Expert review of …, 2006 - pubmedcentral.nih.gov
... and/or particular cellular compartments occur, and the identity of the species that cause ... Several
hundred copies of the bio-barcode DNA are released from the nanoparticle and amplified to ... These
methods rely on the specificity of antibodies to particular Aβ assemblies and are ... 
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The Role of Amyloid-Beta Derived Diffusible Ligands (ADDLs) in Alzheimers …

SM Catalano, EC Dodson, DA Henze, … - Current Topics in …, 2006 - ingentaconnect.com
... [130] recently demonstrated that given an appropriately sensitive bio-barcode assay incorporating ...
a minor component of total Aβ, it is a relatively immuno- genic species... active immunization
strategies can be envisioned that would allow for high specificity and immunogenicity ... 
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Cancer Nanotechnology-Prospects for Cancer Diagnostics and Therapy

PV Baptista - Current Cancer Therapy Reviews, 2009 - ingentaconnect.com
... cancer [6]. The devel- opment of nanotechnology based tumor-targeted contrast agents may
offer enhanced sensitivity and specificity for in ... teomic signatures, the major challenge still remains
the iden- tification of signatures from low-concentration molecular species in presence ... 
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Nanotechnology in clinical laboratory diagnostics

KK Jain - Clinica Chimica Acta, 2005 - Elsevier
... A nanoparticle-based DNA detection system has been constructed with 10 times more sensitivity
and 100,000 times more specificity than current genomic detection systems [6]. It is possible to
coax DNA to aggregate and separate gold nanoparticles on demand [7]. The method ... 
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Novel Strategies and Tools for Enhanced Sensitivity in Routine Biomolecule …

M Adler, M Spengler - Current Pharmaceutical Analysis, 2009 - ingentaconnect.com
... in assay set-up utilizes indirect assay formats, targeting either the species or the ... Therefore, high
specificity and binding strength of the utilized antibodies is an important ... The Bio-Barcode approach
additionally utilized detection-antibody coated gold particles which were linked ... 
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Analytical Tools for Detecting Amyloid Beta Oligomerisation and Assembly

M Vestergaard, K Kerman - Current Pharmaceutical Analysis, 2009 - ingentaconnect.com
... The second group utilised a so-called bio-barcode assay in con- junction with scanometric ... This
ensures much improved specificity, especially when dealing with a more complex sample matrix ...
A unique species of A which was characterised by its binding to GM1 gangliosides ... 
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Applications, techniques, and microfluidic interfacing for nanoscale biosensing

J Kim, M Junkin, DH Kim, S Kwon, YS Shin, PK … - Microfluidics and …, 2009 - Springer
... are emerging as better substitutes in terms of simplicity, sensitivity, specificity, and reliabil- ity ...
The bio-barcode assay utilizes oligonu- cleotide-modified Au nanoparticles for signal amplification
and ... which is not dependent on the concentration of scattering species, and proposed ... 
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[PDF] DNA Hybridization: Fundamental Studies and Applications in Directed …

mit.edu [PDF]
D Blankschtein - 2005 - dspace.mit.edu
... The surface density of the immobilized species was found to significantly affect the hybridization
yields; the equilibrium dsDNA amounts ... This programmable self-assembly approach exploits the
multiplicity and specificity of DNA-DNA interactions and provides a powerful strategy ...

Vaccine Development for Alzheimers Disease

KA DaSilva, I Aubert, JA … - Current pharmaceutical …, 2006 - ingentaconnect.com
... brains [20]. These results were confirmed recently using an ultrasensitive
nanoparticle-based bio-barcode assay to measure oligomeric species in the cere-
brospinal fluid (CSF) of AD patients and controls [21]. Kayed et al. [22 ... 
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[PDF] Globular amyloid b-peptide1-42 oligomer-a homogenous and stable …

qbmcellscience.com [PDF]
S Barghorn, V Nimmrich, A Striebinger, … - Journal of …, 2005 - qbmcellscience.com
... 0.05% Tween20, pH 7.4, with 5 mg/mL bovine serum albumin and complete protease inhibitor
cocktail] for soluble Ab1)42 species and 70 ... The specificity of the primary antibody was confirmed
by control reactions in which omission of the primary antibody did not result in any ... 
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[PDF] Nanopharmaceuticals: An Overview

ajes.in [PDF]
A Gaur, AL Bhatia - Asian J. Exp. Sci, 2008 - ajes.in
... For example, DNA Nanotechnology utilises the specificity of Watson-Crick basepairing to construct ...
In addition, a nanoparticle oligonucleotide bio-barcode assay has been used to detect small ... line
to nanosized Mn induced an increase in reactive oxygen species and dopamine ... 
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Targeted nanoparticle-based drug delivery and diagnosis

DF Emerich, CG Thanos - Journal of drug targeting, 2007 - informahealthcare.com
... peptides, proteins, and oligonucleotides that tend to be larger molecular weight molecules with
charged hydrophilic species (Pardridge 2005 ... that nanoparticles containing chemotherapeutics
can enhance the delivery of drugs across the BBB with some specificity while retaining ... 
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Method for the detection of amyloid-beta oligomers in body fluids

A Navarrete Santos, G Böhm - 2009 - freepatentsonline.com
... One such method is the recently described bio-barcode assay for the measurement of amyloid ...
Oligomeric and fibrillar species of amyloid-beta peptides differentially affect neuronal viability ...
and underlines the advantage of the assay over other methods, ie specificity for oligomers ... 
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Current development in microfluidic immunosensing chip

TG Henares, F Mizutani, H Hisamoto - Analytica Chimica Acta, 2008 - Elsevier
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New Developments in the Field of Protein and Metabolism Assays Aimed at Drug …

K Narasimhan, P Sukumar, M … - Frontiers in Drug Design …, 2006 - ingentaconnect.com
... To further improve the accuracy and potentially increase the sensitivity and specificity of the assay,
ESI-MS-based method to analyze LPA and ... This ESI-MS-based assay allows simultaneous
detection and quantitation of all different species of LPAs and LPIs in a sample over a ... 
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Prostate Specific Antigen Biosensor Based on Long Range Surface Plasmon- …

Y Wang, A Brunsen, U Jonas, J Dostálek, W Knoll - Analytical Chemistry - pubs.acs.org
... that is pushed forward for rapid and sensitive detection of chemical and biological species.(1)
In ... including immuno-PCR (LOD of 6 fM and analysis time >150 min),(27) bio barcode-based
detection ... The specificity of the f-PSA binding was verified in an experiment in which 30 nM ...

[BOOK] Engineering the Bioelectronic Interface: Applications to Analyte Biosensing …

JJ Davis - 2009 - books.google.com
... Q O C CO ^-•'A Active Inactive /I Active Active Active Inactive Active Active Specificity of binding ...
be able to recognise its target among a potentially vast number of other protein species in a ... The
bio-barcode assay, for example, is based on tag- ging, in a sandwich format, a target ... 
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Functional arrays for high throughput characterization of regulatory elements in …

N Trinklein, SF Aldred - 2008 - freepatentsonline.com
... increases with organism complexity while the average length of 5′ UTRs remains roughly the
same across a spectrum of species (Pesole et ... Identification and characterization of the regulatory
elements in terms of cell- or tissue-specificity can also aid in the design of transgenic ... 
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Biological bar code

J Davis, M Eggers, R Ibarra, J Sadler, D … - US Patent App. 10/ …, 2003 - Google Patents
Page 1. US 20040219533A1 (19) United States (12) Patent Application Publication
(io> Pub. NO.: US 2004/0219533 Al Davis et al. (43) Pub. Date: Nov. 4,2004 (54)
BIOLOGICAL BAR CODE (76) Inventors: Jim Davis, Carlsbad ... 
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[PDF] Biomechanical sensors from the macro-to the nanoscale–the way forward

archives-ouvertes.fr [PDF]
L Nicu - 2008 - hal.archives-ouvertes.fr
... The critical feature of the biosensor relates to the selectivity for the specific target
analyte; this feature directly impacts on the specificity or how to maintain the selectivity
in the presence of other, potentially interfering, species... 
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Vicious Cycles Within the Neuropathophysiologic Mechanisms of Alzheimers …

JB Standridge - Current Alzheimer Research, 2006 - ingentaconnect.com
... Nonfi- brillar oligomers have been characterized as the primary neu- rotoxic species [47] and ...
ing to dendrite surfaces in small clusters with ligand-like specificity [50]. ... Nanotechnology assays,
both the recently developed ultrasensitive bio-barcode assay and a nanoscale optical ... 
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Application of surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for detection of beta amyloid …

tamu.edu [PDF]
HT Beier, CB Cowan, IH Chou, J Pallikal, JE Henry, ME … - Plasmonics, 2007 - Springer
... used bio-barcode technology for the specific detection of ADDLs in CSF [39]. ... Development of
a sensor platform that enables the rapid and selective detection of ADDLs along with other Aβ
oligomers and fibril species that may contribute to AD pathology would be a valuable tool ... 
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Monoclonal Antibodies That Target Pathological Assemblies Of Amyloid B (Abeta)

MP Lambert, PT Velasco, L Chang, KL … - US Patent App. 11/ …, 2005 - Google Patents
... The anti- bodies neutralize endogenous Abeta oligomers and Abeta oligomers produced in
solution. Hybridoma Supernate Screening ADDLs dot blot AD fibrils dot blot Validation and uses
Recognition of soluble AD brain extract Microscopy Specificity in gels Page 2. ... 
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[PDF] Biosensing with plasmonic nanosensors

northwestern.edu [PDF]
JN Anker, WP Hall, O Lyandres, NC … - Nature …, 2008 - chemgroups.northwestern.edu
... levels of ADDLs were observed in a population of 15 Alzheimer's patients and 15 ageing controls
by using a 'bio-barcode' assay that ... Specificity is achieved for known analytes by using molecular
recognition elements such as antibodies in conjunction with hydrophilic SAMs and ... 
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Review: Bioanalytical applications of biomolecule-functionalized nanometer-sized …

D Knopp, D Tang, R Niessner - Analytica Chimica Acta, 2009 - Elsevier
... Keywords: Silica nanoparticles; Bioconjugation; Bio-barcode; Biomolecules; Encapsulated
molecular tags; Bioanalysis. ... In addition, typically, only a limited number of fluorophores can be
attached to a biomolecule before they begin to interfere significantly with binding specificity... 
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Functional arrays for high throughput characterization of gene expression …

ND Trinklein, SF Aldred, SJ Cooper, RM … - US Patent App. 11/ …, 2006 - Google Patents
... Sequencing the genomes of many different individuals and even different species can also show
which sequences in the genome are under selective ... Identification and characterization of the
regula- tory elements in terms of cell- or tissue-specificity can also aid in the design of ... 
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[HTML] Developing New Nanoprobes from Semiconductor Nanocrystals

escholarship.org [HTML]
A Fu - … Berkeley National Laboratory. Retrieved from: http:// …, 2006 - escholarship.org
... gradually accepted as a better alternative probes with enhanced signal-to-noise, extremely high
stability, and improved specificity suitable for ... Brown EB, Scadden DT, Torchilin VP, Bawendi MG,
Fukumura D, et al.: Quantum dots spectrally distinguish multiple species within the ... 
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Applications of Aptamers as Sensors

EJ Cho, JW Lee, AD Ellington - Annual Review of Analytical …, 2009 - Annual Reviews
... generally 6–18 rounds), quite large populations (>10 13 different sequences) can be sieved,
and the few “fittest” nucleic acid species can be ... order of responsivity was PDGF-AA>PDGF-
AB>PDGF-BB, which was again at odds with the previously described specificity of the ... 
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Nanoelectronic Detection of Biomolecules Employing Analyte Amplification and …

M Briman, E Tu, C Valcke - US Patent App. 11/695,401, 2007 - Google Patents
... 435/6; 435/4 ABSTRACT Methods of detection of biomolecules are described, includ- ing
methods of amplification of analyte target species and target reporters by analyte-triggered
action of an enzyme such a nuclease, polymerase, and the like. ... 
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T Kohwi-shigematsu, H Han - 2008 - freepatentsonline.com
... 20020192687 and 20050037397 which describe bio-barcode based detection of target analytes ...
to minimize such off-target effects is to screen the siRNA for target specificity... described herein,
to identify those library members (particular peptides, chemical species or subclasses ... 
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[PDF] Thursday, November 8, 2007

psu.edu [PDF]
R Veeramallu, EMR Porcel - Citeseer
... a semi-rational design library was developed for the penicillin G. acylase from E.coli to alter the
substrate specificity of penicillin ... The fermentative metabolism of glycerol in the Enterobacteriaceae
has long been considered a property of species that synthesize 1,3-propanediol (1 ... 
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unibo.it [PDF]
M BRUCALE, PM VENTURI, PB SAMORÌ - biocfarm.unibo.it
... 34 1.3.1 DNA-based fabrication in NanoBioTechnology 38 The Codes of DNA 38 Affinity vs. Specificity in DNA interactions 39 DNA in the Nanoscale: Shape,
Dynamics, Flexibility 40 Sequence-dependent DNA-Surface Interactions 43 ... 
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[BOOK] Nanoneuroscience: Novel Biomolecular Contributions to Mind

NJ Woolf, A Priel, JA Tuszynski - 2009 - books.google.com
Page 1. noneurosc Ijflfif! mn 1 toSW 11 I rST •\f "Q S M .C 4y Springer Page 2.
biological and medical physics, biomedical engineering Please view available titles
in Biological And Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering on ...

[BOOK] Microrna Expression Detection Methods

Z Wang, B Yang - 2010 - books.google.com
... 85 3.2.2 Protocols with Improved Sensitivity ..... 89 3.2.3 Protocols with Improved Specificity and
Sensitivity ..... ... 106 4.2.2 LNA-Modified Protocol with Enhanced Sensitivity and Specificity ..... ...

[BOOK] Sensors and Low Power Signal Processing

SK Islam, MR Haider - 2009 - books.google.com
Page 1. Syed Kamrul Islam Mohammad Rafiqul Haider Sensors and Low Power Signal Processing
Page 2. Sensors and Low Power Signal Processing Page 3. Syed Kamrul Islam ● Mohammad
Rafiqul Haider Sensors and Low Power Signal Processing Page 4. ...

DS Nelson Trainee Prize Presentation

FEINT INFILTRATING, INOFCD FOXP, R T-CELLS, … - Pathology, 2009 - informaworld.com
Page 1. DS Nelson Trainee Prize Presentation EXPRESSION OF CANCER-TESTIS


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