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Theranostics Health

Theranostics Health (TH) is an emerging leader in the field of personalized medicine
Founded in 2006, the company is shaping and creating a new healthcare and disease management system in which the best tailored treatments are provided to individual patients. TH's core technology platform measures the activity of a large number of biomarkers in disease pathways, enabling pharmaceutical companies to accurately profile their drug candidates to facilitate efficient and effective drug development. It also enables physicians to tailor optimized therapies to their patients based on the biomarker profile of each individual patient's specimen, providing safer and more effective therapies. 

Theranostics Health is committed to applying and improving its core technologies to develop products that will:
  • allow physicians to make accurately-informed treatment decisions for each patient
  • enable pharmaceutical companies to develop safer and more effective therapeutics
  • give payors and healthcare providers the ability to cost-effectively manage patient care